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Mei 14, 2007 oleh zamrimohamad

Terima kasih kepada saudara KHAIRUN NIZAM AB GHANI, wartawan Malay Mail.

Petikan Malay Mail

Passion for writing boosts his career

ZAMRI Mohamad can count himself fortunate to have ventured into something he likes most — writing.

Malay Mail 14 May 2007

The 26-year-old from Gombak started writing articles for Utusan Malaysia when he was 16.

He continued writing through varsity and during the final year at International Islamic University Malaysia, he decided to be a freelance writer.

Today, at a time when many graduates are finding it tough to get jobs, Zamri has accomplished something that seasoned writers would be proud of — four books to his credit, including three bestsellers last year.

“My books — Memahami Bahasa Cinta Lelaki, 77 Tips Melembutkan Hati Lelaki, and Megnet Cinta — were bestsellers for May and June last year under PTS Millenia,” he said.

His other book, Cari Duit Cara Mudah Sebagai Penulis Bebas, under PTS Professional is about career development for those who aspire to be writers.

Zamri has written four other books, which are being edited and should hit the stores next year.

Under the guidance of publishing house PTS Publication and Distributors, which owns PTS Millenia and PTS Professional, Zamri said he was lucky to have received coaching from its chairman, Ainon Mohammad.

“They taught me the Japanese technique on how to write three to four books simultaneously,” Zamri said.

That was how he finished two books in three months after completing his training with PTS.

Zamri said he gets seven to 11 per cent in royalty for every book sold, but more importantly, the seven-year-old publishing company is investing in research and development to ensure that the books produced meet international standards.

“PTS is always involved in book fairs at home and abroad,” Zamri said.

He added that his books have received recognition not only in Malaysia but in other countries as well.

His books are already on the shelves of 26 public libraries in Singapore.

“During a book fair in Kuala Lumpur recently, several Indonesian publishers also reviewed my books for possible introduction into the Indonesian market,” he said.

“My books were also read during the National Reading Campaign held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre this year.”

Beside being a writer, Zamri also works as an assistant media adviser at IIUM rector’s office, responsible for the university’s publications.

He also organises creative writing workshops, besides online writing courses via his website http://www.motivasiminda.wordpress.com.

3 thoughts on “Terima kasih Malay Mail

  1. Amin Idris berkata:

    Tahniah Zamri!!! Sebagai teman seangkatan… saya turut rasa berbangga!!!

  2. Lancang kunyit berkata:

    Hi,post ne memang berguna bagi newbie seperti saya,thank pada tt

  3. John Jones berkata:

    I find this post really insightfull and informative,this is sort content that always im prefer to read out .Im going to bookmark your pages so i could make it rference next time .

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