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Mei 23, 2007 oleh zamrimohamad

Satu produk terbaru dari abang saya, Tuan Ridzuan Mohamad.


Dear Sir/Madam,
Since the Franchise Act 1998 was passed by Parliament, franchise has become of the most important industry in the country and since then more business owners opted for franchising to expand their business. However, despite the growth potential of the industry, there are still limited local publication in this area of subject matter.

The publication of this book is to cater the needs of legal and small business sector for local franchise reference book. The editors of this book have over the years compiled samples of legal documents required for a franchise business development.

This informative book is primarily designed for legal practitioners and business consultants with the objective of assisting them in preparing various legal documents pertaining to franchise industry. It is hope that this book will prove to be an invaluable aid to you for immediate or future reference.

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