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Ogos 31, 2007 oleh zamrimohamad

Sesiapa yang berminat mengetahui perkembangan MPH dan para penulis dalam aktiviti anjuran mereka, layari

Sebahagian petikan daripada laman blog ini:

Would you rather go to a book launch for a 20 year-old who once won a beauty pageant, or would you prefer an international bestselling octogenarian?

“If people have a choice, they will normally go to the pretty one. If they don’t have a choice, they will go for the quality author,” says Rodney, our operations manager who has also written a book.

Naturally, we then fished out the very young and attractive author, Lim May Zhee, who established herself as the author of Vanity Bee, and will have her second book launched very soon!

Her opinion: “Can I say half-half? Yes, because of human nature! If the author is good-looking, naturally I would want to know more about him and subsequently his works.

“But no, because selling a book is different from marketing a CD or a movie. At the end of the day it’s the contents that count. What good is an eye candy for an author if he or she can’t captivate the readers work-wise?”

Rodney added, “To a certain extent, a book cover can make or kill you. But at the end of the day, whether a person will buy a second book from you, will depend on the quality of the book.”

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